To apply for a zoning permit or for zoning inquiries please contact:

Zoning Administrator


Phone: (262) 902-2782
Email: jschattner1@gmail.com


Application for Zoning Permit (applicable to all Village properties)

The Zoning Administrator accepts and reviews zoning permit applications and determines compliance with applicable zoning code provisions.   He assists the general public, applicants, developers, and their representatives with zoning inquiries, proposals, and applications.

He also supports the Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals and Historic Preservation Committee by conducting technical reviews, site inspections, and by providing written reports on specific project proposals such as, but not limited to, special use permit applications, conditional use permit applications, development proposals, zoning amendments, variances and appeals.

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Current Village of Rochester Zoning Map

Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Village of Rochester- 2035

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